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Illinois' 17th Congressional District

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Meet Angie

“I want to serve in Congress to help more people fulfill the dream my great-grandmother had: that with hard work, you will have the opportunity to earn a good living, raise a family and retire with dignity – and you’ll be able to do it right here in Northwest Illinois.”



Angie Normoyle knows that anyone willing to work hard should be able to live the American Dream. Her great-grandparents showed up every morning and stood in line at the local GM plant, hoping to get work that day. Angie’s grandparents were lucky enough to become proud UAW members, working in GM factories with guaranteed hours, benefits, and a secure retirement.  


Angie was raised in Roscoe, just outside of Rockford. Her dad was an engineer at Ingersoll Milling Machine and her mom was a secretary and retail worker. Angie waited tables and worked at the IGA grocery store through high school and college, always believing she should pay her own way. She met her husband Don as an undergraduate at Augustana College, where she now teaches. She has served on both the Rock Island County Board and the Moline School Board. 


On the Moline School Board, Angie fought for every student to have access to the high-quality education they need and deserve, including her oldest son who struggled in school due to medical issues. Even though his teachers did everything in their power to help him, they just didn’t have enough resources. Angie was fortunate to be able to put her career on hold to homeschool her son—and she is dedicated to making sure that children like him never fall through the cracks.


Angie sees the American Dream her grandparents enjoyed slipping away. As her dad neared retirement after 40 years at Ingersoll, the company was sold to foreign investors, and corporate restructuring and the market crash put the family's retirement in jeopardy.


Not only has Angie seen this in her own family and community, but she regularly hears from her students that the future feels uncertain. Good jobs are hard to find, and many are already carrying crippling student debt. The skyrocketing costs of housing, childcare, and health care make living a life better than their parents’ seem impossible. 


Angie is running for Congress to keep the promise that her grandparents worked to make a reality—if you are willing to work hard, you should be able to get a great education, buy a home, raise a family, and retire with dignity in your own community. 


“When I finished college, I was sure that with hard work, I could get a good job, buy a home, and eventually raise a family in my community. But today, many of my students tell me that those dreams are out of reach. The skyrocketing costs of education, health care, child care and housing are crushing the next generation. In Congress, I’ll work to make sure everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream that my family and community made possible for me.”

- Angie Normoyle


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